For this assignment we are looking for at least WO Bachelor graduate students. Studies which apply for this assignment should cover the following subjects: Artificial Intelligence, viz. Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing and/or Autonomous Agents.

For this assignment you will be working in the ABN AMRO Artificial Intelligence Lab. You will be given a lot of freedom in shaping your own assignment within four generic fields of application for AI. Read "Your job" for more information.

Your job

We belief that every innovation starts with an open, explorative mindset. That is why the AI Lab offers its interns a lot of freedom in shaping their own assignment. For this assignment, we challenge you to turn your Deep Learning expertise into an ambitious research question. Within the bank we see four generic fields of application for AI, offering a large number of research opportunities: 

  • Financial analysis & advice: how can we make the advice we give to our clients even more personalised and proactive? Think of personal finance management solutions (ABN AMRO Grip) or investment advice.
  • Client interaction: this is not about the advice itself, but the way we bring the advice to our clients. Think of highly personalised communication or smart chatbots.
  • Operational processes: how can we minimize the amount of repetitive work done by our employees?
  • Fraud detection & risk analyses: this is all about extracting patterns from large amounts of unstructured data to detect fraud, or making use of AI technologies for even more thorough risk analyses.

     Will you help us lay the foundations for an intelligent, future-proof bank?

Your working environment

In ABN AMRO’s Artificial Intelligence Lab, several departments join forces to stretch the bank’s AI-related ambitions into working solutions. A core team of data scientists and AI experts explores cutting-edge technology and develops the capabilities necessary for the intelligent bank of the future. The Lab’s activities revolve around three interrelated focus areas within the realm of AI: Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing and Autonomous Agents.

Your profile

You are at least a WO Bachelor graduate student.Your study includes the following subjects: Artificial Intelligence, e.q. Deep Learning, viz. Natural Language Processing and/or Autonomous Agents. You've already demonstrated that you can study. Now it's time to work on your career. Or perhaps you’re still studying but you’re looking for an opportunity to move your knowledge out of the textbooks and into practice? During your internship you’ll experience what it’s like to work for a large, commercial IT organisation and you’ll find out what you’re good at.The choice is yours: what’s your future at the bank?

What we offer

The world of banking is changing rapidly and ABN AMRO Bank is changing with it. Therefore we  invest in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, Robotics, VR, apps & APIs, risk as a service, IT security, new business models and much more. Banking is not only about storing and transferring your money anymore, we go beyond banking. Help us, together with our 6000 IT professionals, to change the world of banking as it is!

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